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Kopur d.o.o. is a research and development organization registered at the Slovenian Research Agency under code 2483. The Kopur Research Team consists of experienced chemical professionals whose work is directly related to the development of new products made of recycled materials, and to the application of such products in serial production.


Our development activities are carried out in line with the planned strategy related to efficient use of recycled materials into products that provide acoustic- and thermal insulation, fire-protection and shock-absorbtion.

In the context of development projects, our close and successful cooperation with the Faculty of Polymer Technology (FTPO) should be pointed out. In their effort to move laboratory results into practical application, experts employed at the faculty participate in the search of technical solutions on a regular basis.

The focus of development activities is placed on products used in automotive industry, white goods, construction, interior design and furniture industry, made from composite recycled industrial waste materials, which serve as acoustic, thermal and fire-resistant insulation, or present eco- friendly alternatives to materials with environmental impact such as plastic.

New products are developed on the basis of production processes with the following technology:

  • punching, lamination of foam, fleece (felt) and other materials
  • hot-forming of fleece and foam
  • moulding of 2D and 3D recycled industrial waste materials
  • internal development of complex tools used in the manufacturing process of our products.

Material or customer-specific tests are carried out internally or, if required, by external certified institutions. Tests of the acoustic absorption properties are carried out in our own Alpha Cabin.

By creating new partnerships, we pursue the so-called ‘win-win’ strategy, which brings positive effects for and satisfaction of all the parties involved.

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