Rebounded and cut foam products

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Our products made of recycled polyurethane (PU) foam are used in automotive industry as:

  • car-seat support elements which serve reinforcement and seating fixation function, and
  • fillers which are integrated into plastic car parts or body shell to provide sound insulation and improve car acoustics.

They can be installed in car parts in the cabin, car engine and the trunk.

Rebounded and cut foam products

Similarly, they can be installed in white goods, doors and windows, machines, devices and structures as acoustic elements with sound-absorbing function.

Thanks to their excellent thermal insulation properties, they also contribute to enhance energy performance of buildings.

Our products are non-toxic and friendly to the environment and humans. They can be recycled again and again to be turned into a same or completely new product.



  • Density: 100 – 350 kg/m3
  • Shape: 2D (punched) or 3D (formed)
  • Colour: multi-coloured, black (anthracite)
  • Thickness of 2D products: 5–100 mm (depending on material density)
  • Special versions: laminated 2D products with PU foil or self-adhesive application tape
  • Material: recycled polyurethane (PU) scrap foam
  • Recycling techniques:
    • foam milling (shredded foam)
    • foam cutting (cut foam)


  • A, B, C, D-pillar (post) acoustic foam fillers
  • tailback hatch cover acoustic fillers
  • car trunk floor insulation fillers
  • acoustic fillers in plastic covers (masks)
  • rebounded foam covers
  • 3D-shaped (molded) rebounded foam products
  • acoustic rebounded foam fillers
  • rebounded foam panels
  • rebounded foam inserts
  • insulation panels
  • rebounded foam block
  • rebounded foam supporting elements
  • rebounded foam spacers
  • rebounded acoustic floor insulation foam
  • sound absorbers
  • rebounded foam seat fixation insert
  • side-panel acoustic filler

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