Rubber Protection Slabs

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Rubber protection slabs are the ideal flooring solution for playgrounds, indoor and outdoor gyms, public parks, walkways, balconies and terraces, horse stables and similar areas that need protection against slip and fall hazards.
Rubber Protection Slabs

Certified for protection against falls from a height of 100 cm to 300 cm. EN 1177 (2008) and EN 1176-1 (2008)

Slabs are non- slippery, shock- absorbing and reduce the risk of injury

Dry quickly (bottom designed for quick water drainage)

Water-permeable, great for use in bad weather

Noise reduction (eg. when bouncing, walking)

High flexibility

Abrasion resistance

Assembly: the substrate must be levelled, frost- resistant, sand- or concrete-based.

Easy maintenance


  • Program: Safe program, Sport/Multipurpose
  • Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm
  • Thickness: 30 - 65 mm
  • Made of: recycled SBR or EPDM rubber granulate
  • Available colors: red, green, black
  • Critical Fall Height (HIC): 1 - 2,5 m

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